Thursday, July 17, 2008

E -procurement

Sourcing for goods and services is crucial part of the supply chain yet one that until late has resisted automation .For many companies finding the best materialsor services at the best price and under the most advantageous shipping arrangements is a laborious process.Esourcing includes using web based technologies to automate and streamline the identification , evaluation ,negotiation and configuration of the optimal mix of suppliers ,products and services into supply chain network that an rapidly respond to changing market demands . supporting the complete sourcing cycle will require companies to cconfigure the appropriate mix of technologies , startegy and product and supplier expertise into e-sourcing frame work.
The world of web based purchasing , with market places , exchanges ,and auctions , is still evolving .The advantages to being able to scour the world for the best goods at the price sounds great theory ,but is not always great in practice .The business world is moving towards e-transport , e-logistics ,e-sourcing and e-procurement . These web based methods helps into cost reduction intiatives
E-procurement has following advantages
reduced transaction costs ,in an area of the total spend that dwarfs what's spent on indirect goods
reduction of stocks of obselete products and inventory for those products ,owing to more timely reaction of supply to demand
reduced level s in general, through reduced cycle times
quicker reaction to changing market trends ,enabling a manufacturer to gain competitve edge in new product dvelopment .
redeployment of procurement and other professional s away from transaction processing activities toward work that is more strategically important such as global
market research and analysis ,long term negotiations with strategic suppliers ,supplier development and researching of new technology tools that can elevate procurement and supply chain management peformance
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