Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Indian manufacturing could be a low cost base to global companies

There isn’t an Indian way of doing things, although the country’s manufacturers have shown that they can make small batches of products in a

cost competitive manner. This only proves India’s competitive strength lies in ‘frugal engineering’, a phrase coined by Franco-Japanese automaker chief, Carlos Ghosn.

Since Indian manufacturing lacks the scale that China has, it needs to evolve its own model, Satish Sekhri, managing director, Bosch Chassis Systems, said.

He was emphatic that Indian industry should evolve a unique method, which takes into account our social fabric, sensibilities and competencies. Indian manufacture is able to make small batches with a large variety.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Re -Usable Insulating Material - Industrial Product review

Routine system maintenance on industrial processes often involves removing insulation on pipe valves and fittings. If it is not replaced, the energy loss can be substantial. Removable/reusable insulation blankets, pads and covers used in areas that need occasional access provide a workable, efficient solution. The US Department of Energy long ago documented that industries using steam in their processes [i.e., glass, paper, steel, aluminium] could save up to 5 per cent of their energy costs by simply installing removable/reusable insulation on the flanges and valves of their steam systems.
 Hi-Tech International offers removable/reusable insulation jackets that allow a cost-effective approach to insulating systems, where insulation is desired but occasional maintenance or inspection is required. Items such as valves, pumps, tanks, turbines, instrumentation, heat exchangers, blowers and fans all utilise this product for either thermal or acoustical reasons. Multi-layer energy saving insulation covers provide protection from fire, oil spillage and results in energy saving. These are 100% incombustible and undergo strict tests as per BS476 Part 20. The inner insulation layers are made from alumina silica fibres to reduce the heat loss from the valves and joints to keep the system heat constant and prevent heat loss. Products and applications: removable valve covers; thermal insulation over pipes and joints; covers for steam pressure valves; and turbo charger insulation. All materials are tested as per British Standards BS 476- Part 20.

Source :Iponline.com
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