Friday, February 12, 2010

Energy savings in air compressors

Energy savings in Motors

Energy savings for Motors

Energy savings in Industrial Lighting for factories

Energy savings in Industrial lighting

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Packaging cost reduction strategies

Packaging cost is a significant factor in costing of product .Packaging plays an important role in an manufacturing industry . Packaging basic roles are . Different packaging materials are used in manufacturing industry for various products such as Glass , Wrapper s, laminates , carton boxes , hdpe , bopp , polythene , theromocol ,bottles , cans , bags ., papers etc .Packaging is an integral part of the materials supply chain. It protects goods from damage, allows efficient distribution, informs the consumer and helps to promote goods in a competitive market place

Providing protection from mechanical damage
Increasing shelf life of product
Easy handling of items during transportation
Advertisement and messages from manufacturers
Legal declarations on packs for consumers

Manufacturers are employing various strategies and ideas to reduce packaging cost of the product .Packaging are strong medium of marketing various design and concepts are used to differentiate ones product from competitors

Following steps can results in savings

Change dimensions of the primary /secondary packaging as per the product
Change the product dimensions as per the secondary packaging which would result in better handling and optimum use during stacking and loading an container
Thickness of the material used in packaging can be reduced with trials such as material are safe during transit
Preformed boxes /cartons can be used rather than employing labor to do in-house
Universal boxes and packaging material can be used for the product basically for multilocational companies
Alternate materials can be used
Excessive packaging to be avoided
Use pre printed boxes/ wrappers can save cost on printing
Automation on packing machines can also help reducing packaging cost

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