Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Electrotherm Introduces Modular Continuous Casting Machine

Continuous  Casting machines are used by  small to large billet manufacturing plants . This new modular continuous caster would save space as well as reduce cost of production by reducing energy requirement in running continuous slab caster .Electrotherm is India leading induction furnace manufacturers

A report
Electrotherm (India) Ltd, a leading manufacturer of induction melting furnaces and allied equipment, in Hyderabad announced the launch of its innovative Modular Continuous Casting Machine meant for the ingot-making industry.

The new machine, developed after extensive in-house research, is especially designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of the industry and offers a host of benefits such as saving of Rs. 300-500 per ton on production cost of billet, low civil and installation cost, compatibility to existing plant and less space requirement. The new product is expected to add around Rs. 100 crore to the annual revenue of the company.

The idea of such manufacturing devise, better known as ECCM (Electrotherm’s Continuous Casting Machine) was conceived a few years back and its launch was much awaited by the entire ingot manufacturing industry in India. The company plans to organize a series of seminars on the benefits of this machine in all the key steelmaking hubs in the country simultaneously with the launch and the first one was organized in the steel township of Mandi Gobindgarh and Ludhiana.

Speaking about it, Mr. Suneel Kulkarni, President, E&P Division, Electrotherm (India) Ltd, said, “We have been all along concerned about the hassles of casting ingots through mould and all related problems. In line with Electrotherm’s vision and mission of providing customer centric products and technology, we conceived the idea such innovative technique a couple of years back and attempted to Indianize the casting process, which suits the needs of our clients in a perfect way.”

These casters are a revolutionary product that have been designed in such a way that they can be adopted by and installed in any ingot making unit and these ingot makers can comfortably produce billets cheaper than ingots and compete in the local market. “Our product addresses the need of the industry because it fulfills all the requirements. They come with a modular design that reduces the civil and installation cost, they can be installed in any existing plant, they consume less space and above all, one can produce the billet cheaper than the ingot,” Mr Kulkarni added.

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